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September 20, 2019
Steam Master is awesome. I bought a large set of these as a small business and it works great. They are very knowledgeable and can quickly resolve any issues and find solutions. Special thanks to Duy, for the quick response and answers on products and equipment.
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Carpet cleaning machinery and equipment

At Steammaster we offer a wide range of carpet cleaning machines and equipment for industrial, commercial and domestic use. Our equipment for cleaning solutions is affordable.

Whether you are looking for an all-in-one machine, sprayer or dry cleaning system, we have something for everyone based on your cleaning needs.

If you're still unsure about your carpet cleaning solution, contact our experts who can provide you with information to help you make the right decision about purchasing carpet cleaning machinery and equipment. With the Steammaster you can maximize the effect by giving your carpets an impressive and impressive look.

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Professional steam carpet cleaning machines for sale

ONEPortable carpet steam cleanerThe perfect tool to make carpet cleaning quick and easy. Hot water is used to soften dirt and grime, which is then easily removed, keeping your carpet clean to the highest standards.

Buy the best and most powerful commercial and professional portable carpet cleaning equipment, carpet steam cleaners or machines for sale for your business at the best prices from one of Australia's leading suppliers and manufacturers.

carpet steamer australia

We only carry commercial and industrial grade portable carpet cleaners, carpet steamers, carpet steam cleaners, heated carpet vacuums, portable carpet vacuums, portable carpet vacuums, carpet vacuums,Carpet removal, carpet extractors, professional carpet cleaners, carpet cleaning company starter kits, carpet and tile cleaning company starter kits andGrout cleaning machineWe believe this will bring real value to you and your business.

All carpet cleaning equipment sets for sale in our store come with deep discounts and the most important tools every carpet cleaner needs.

Buy the most powerful steam carpet cleaning machine and start a professional carpet cleaning business

Hot water helps to dissolve the toughest and deepest dirt in the carpet fibers. This cleaning equipment includes simple portable carpet machines, tile and carpet cleaners, portable steam carpet cleaners, carpet cleaners, carpet steam cleaners, portable carpet cleaners, pressure hoses and long wands for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Very good for carpet cleaning.

Add value and convenience to your cleaning routine by purchasing our portable carpet cleaner. Portable carpet cleaners can be easily moved from one job to another. In addition, its lightweight design and ergonomic shape make it easy to clean for long periods of time.

Steammaster serves a wide range of customers in Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and other Australian cities with quality cleaning machines sold and delivered Australia wide. No matter which country you are in, there are always stained carpets that will test your skills and patience. That said, our carpet cleaners are designed to clean the dirtiest carpets and remove tough stains from carpets and upholstery.

The best industrial steam carpet cleaners

The best carpet steam cleaners can handle many cleaning jobs, from small finishing jobs to more serious industrial cleaning projects. With the right nozzle and nozzle, you can have the perfect tool to help clean even the dirtiest carpets.

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We offer a simple and complete system for cleaning carpets and upholstery, removing stains and giving your furniture a protective treatment in an efficient and economical way. We also offer video tutorials to show you how to effectively use our carpet cleaning equipment and teach techniques that will give your customers great results.

Our carpet vacuums can handle your cleaning tasks, freeing you from any lifting burden. All you have to do is wipe away the dirty carpet to reveal a clean, allergen-free carpet.

Nothing makes customers happier than being able to clean their carpets without spending a fortune. This is definitely possible if you use our vacuum cleaner to clean your home. Our carpet vacuums will help you get the job done economically.

Sales of Commercial and Industrial Steam Carpet Cleaning Machines

Carpet cleaning is a growing industry and competition is fierce. To keep you going, we offer professional carpet cleaning equipment that cleans faster and more efficiently.
We offer carpet cleaning machines that are beginner friendly and easy to useHeavy commercial cleaning requirements.Watch any of the demonstration videos on our website to familiarize yourself with the machines.

Cleaning your carpets with a professional machine can save you a lot of time and give you results you can't get any other way. These steam carpet cleaners work their magic on grease, dirt, stains and oils to clean your carpets to the highest standard.

We pride ourselves on offering the bestAustralian carpet steam cleaners for sale.

You can buy any equipment from us at very competitive prices. We also provide training videos to help you better understand and operate the equipment.

buy the best carpet cleaners steam floor cleaners

Equipped with a powerful motor, our machines have strong suction to remove all kinds of dust and dirt. Our products only ensure that carpets are spotlessly clean and look like new. The best part is that we provide you with all these benefits at a low price.

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How do I choose the best steam cleaner?

All cleaning machines for sale at Steammaster are quality checked for your peace of mind. However, if you're still struggling to find the best machine for your purposes and budget, our experts are just a phone call away. We will help you choose a cleaning machine based on your goals and knowledge.

How can a carpet cleaning machine help you clean your home and office?

Carpet cleaners clean in less than half the time compared to hand brushes. In one pass, the machine will loosen the dirt and remove it effectively, leaving the carpet looking like new. Plus, a carpet cleaner won't damage the fibers like a stiff bristled brush.

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What makes us your first choice when buying carpet cleaning machinery and equipment?

Steammaster is one of Australia's leading cleaning equipment suppliers, offering a wide range of products online at wholesale prices. Not only that, but we also provide video tutorials and on-site training to help our customers get the most out of their cleaning equipment.

Why are portable and small carpet cleaners popular in cleaning services?

Portable small carpet cleaners are powerful yet compact, meaning they can be easily moved from job to job, ensuring flawless results every time you clean.

We offer the best financing options in the industry.

At Steammaster, we have made special arrangements that allow us to offer great finance deals for cleaners.
Customers who do not have or have a new ABN can still apply. And no finances required.
You read that right. No finance required.
Whether you're a cleaner looking to expand your business or someone looking to break into the cleaning industry, Steammaster not only has your back, we're here to help open doors.

Or simply fill out this Funding Inquiry Form to start the process.

funding application

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Businesses are waiting for you. We are waiting for help.

No one knows how to give your vacuum cleaner extra cleaning power better than the Steammaster. We're here to help you every step of the way, whether you're starting to clean your home or expanding your arsenal.

We provide top quality equipment at the best prices.


What is better a steam cleaner or carpet cleaner? ›

When choosing between steam cleaning and shampooing your carpet, you really can't go wrong with both, but steam cleaning would be the better option. It removes more unseen pests and dirt, and can handle heavy-duty cleaning without making you wait long for drying.

Are carpet cleaners and steam cleaners the same thing? ›

A steam cleaner uses actual steam to clean various types of surfaces, and this steam can damage carpet fibers and remove the protection. A carpet cleaner is designed to force a mixture of hot water and cleaning solution into the carpet to clean deep down.

Does Stanley Steemer really use steam? ›

At Stanley Steemer, we use a process called hot water extraction to clean your home. This is often referred to as steam cleaning because of the steam you see as we clean, but we don't actually use steam to clean.

Can a steam cleaner be used to clean carpets? ›

Steam is perfect for carpets, as it is often capable of delivering results without a reliance on caustic cleaning chemicals. Superheated steam is directed exactly where it is needed. And the latest steam cleaners use the optimum amount of water, ensuring your carpet isn't completely drenched afterwards.

What are the disadvantages of steam cleaning? ›

There are a few disadvantages to using steam cleaners. One is that they can be expensive. Another downside is that they require a lot of water, which means you will need to empty and refill the tank often. Finally, steam cleaners can take longer to clean than other methods.

What method is best for carpet cleaning? ›

The best method of cleaning carpets is usually steam cleaning, which removes over 90% of dirt and bacteria from carpeting. Dry cleaning carpeting is also effective for ensuring carpets are ready for foot traffic as quickly as possible.

Where should you not use a steam cleaner? ›

What can't I steam clean? Steam can warp unsealed floors, melt plastic, and cause laminate floors to swell. Don't steam clean these surfaces. Other surfaces on the do-not-clean list: cold windows, unglazed tile, those covered in water-based paint, and delicate surfaces.

Is hot water extraction better than steam cleaning? ›

Hot water extraction is better for carpets that are made out of natural fibers. Steam cleaning can cause the carpet fibers to shrink. However, this is less likely to happen if hot water is used. Many carpet manufacturers recommend that hot water extraction be used if the carpet is made out of natural fibers.

Should carpet be steam cleaned? ›

Steam cleaning is a really effective and efficient way to lift build up from the carpet fibers, including mold and pet scents. It also is effective at improving the appearance of carpets that have been neglected over time.

Where does the dirt go when you steam clean? ›

So, where does the dirt go when you steam clean? Actually, it doesn't go anywhere. Instead, the heat and vapour of steam cleaning ensure that all the unwanted substances or stains are fully broken down and easy to get rid of.

What do you spray on carpet before steam cleaning? ›

Pro tip: Lightly spraying the entire carpet with pretreat will get you a better clean than cleaning only with the machine, especially if you let it sit for a few minutes.

Why steam carpet cleaning is the best? ›

Because steam cleaning uses high temperatures, it actually destroys bacteria, viruses, and allergens, which makes it a much more effective cleaning method than others that provide only superficial aesthetic benefits.

Does steam cleaning carpet remove odor? ›

Avoid using steam cleaners to clean urine odors from carpet or upholstery. The heat will permanently set the stain and the odor by bonding the protein into any man-made fibers.

Is it worth it to buy a steam cleaner? ›

Steam cleaners are particularly helpful for allergy sufferers, because not only do they clean surfaces of dust and other allergens and debris, but they also disinfect and deodorize without the use of harsh chemicals that could trigger allergies, asthma, and multiple chemical sensitivity.

How often should you steam clean carpet? ›

Most carpet manufacturers recommend that you get your carpet steam cleaned professionally, every 12-24 months to maintain appearance, however there is more to consider than just the appearance of your carpet. Carpet acts like a filter and helps trap air borne contaminants, which is great for your air quality.

Do handheld steam cleaners really work? ›

Just like the bigger steam cleaners, handheld steam cleaners are capable of removing stuck on dirt and grime while killing bacteria, dust mites, germs, viruses, lice, bed bugs, and more. However, the usage of the handheld steam cleaners is limited to smaller, light cleaning tasks.

What are the disadvantages of steam carpet cleaning? ›

[8 Reasons] Why You Shouldn't Steam Clean Carpets
  • High PH Cleaning Solution. High PH cleaning solutions are hard on the carpet fibers resulting in worn out carpets or after several uses; damaged carpets.
  • Encourages Re-soiling. ...
  • High Water Quantity. ...
  • High Pressure Application. ...
  • Long Drying Times. ...
  • Harsh Chemicals. ...
  • Excessive Water.
Jun 17, 2017

What surfaces Cannot be steam cleaned? ›

What NOT to Clean with Steam Cleaners
  • Anything that can be damaged due to heat exposure, such as water-based paint and cardboard.
  • Porous surfaces, such as stucco, brick, and marble.
  • Large industrial spaces and food plants.
  • Large areas of carpet.
  • Delicate items, such as silks, thin plastics, and velour upholstery.
Aug 3, 2020

Do you put cleaning solution in a steam cleaner? ›

Except when you are descaling a steam mop, do NOT put anything other than water in the tank. Not only does this defeat the primary purpose of steam cleaning (in avoiding chemical cleaners), but you can possibly damage your steam cleaner. For many steamers, you may also be voiding your warranty in the process.

Can you leave water in a steam cleaner? ›

We do not recommend leaving dirty water in the cleaner.

What method does Stanley Steemer use? ›

The method we use for carpet cleaning is hot water extraction, commonly referred to as steam cleaning. Stanley Steemer's exclusive hot water extraction method removes the toughest, deepest dirt safely and gently. Hot, soft water and a specially formulated cleaning solution are injected deep within the carpet fibers.

How effective is Stanley Steemer? ›

Our innovative and efficient technology is amplified by our state-of-the-art cleaning products which are proven to remove allergens from your home. We remove an average of 94% of common household allergens from carpet, 96.5% of allergens from tile & grout, and 96% from hardwood.

Are you supposed to tip Stanley Steemer? ›

not required or expected, but it's always appreciated.

Why is my carpet still dirty after steam cleaning? ›

Carpets that still look dirty or have stains reappear after cleaning is a result of something called wicking. This is due to over wetting the carpet, the backing, and pad which causes them to return back to the surface once dry.

Should I vacuum my carpet before steam cleaning? ›

You get the best results after eliminating dirt and dust from the surface of your carpet. If the carpet is not vacuumed before steam cleaning, your carpet will look clean on the surface but remain dirty underneath. The steam cleaner cannot get rid of loose soil that is embedded deep inside the carpet fibers.

How long should I let carpet dry after steam cleaning? ›

Most carpets typically need 6-10 hours to dry completely. However, it could take up to 24 hours to dry depending on the time of year your carpets are cleaned, and the air circulation, humidity and temperature in your home.

Does steam cleaning remove odors? ›

The heated steam works to loosen fibers in fabric to kill odor-causing bacteria and germs, plus harsh allergens caused by dust mites. Not only does steam kill odor, but it also has the ability to remove stains if you haven't left them sitting on the fabric for too long.

How long does a steam cleaner last? ›

We have had some customers who have had their steam cleaners for 5-8 years and are still going strong. For less expensive models like the steam mops or handhelds, you should probably expect more like 3-6 years of consistent use.

Is steaming floors better than mopping? ›

Our testing has found that all steam mops remove stains fairly well, with marginal differences, and are likely slightly better than a regular mop and bucket due to the heat and vapour produced by the steam.

Does steam cleaning carpet make it fluffy again? ›

Clean With a Steam Cleaner

Removing the soil that weighs down fibers will make the carpet look fluffier. You can also hire professionals to deep clean the carpet yearly.

How long does it take to steam clean a carpet in a bedroom? ›

How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take? Although there is no definite answer, we estimate that professional carpet cleaning takes around 30 minutes for a room. Just keep in mind that it may take longer than this if your floors are stained or there is furniture you would like to be moved.

Can you use a shark steam mop on carpet? ›

The Shark Floor Steamer, also known as the Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop, is a device for cleaning tile, wood and other hard surface floors that uses heat to lift off stains. It can also be used on carpet with an extra attachment.

How do you get deep dirt out of carpet? ›

Follow these tips to keep your carpet as dirt-free as possible:
  1. SCRAPE or blot up excess dirt.
  2. APPLY detergent solution onto a damp towel.
  3. BLOT don't rub.
  4. APPLY white vinegar (undiluted) using a damp towel.
  5. BLOT don't rub.
  6. APPLY water with a damp sponge.
  7. BLOT to finish with a weighted pad of paper towels.

What not to do when shampooing carpet? ›

If you're cleaning a carpet yourself, avoid these common carpet-cleaning mistakes.
  1. Getting the carpet too wet. ...
  2. Scrubbing instead of blotting. ...
  3. Using the wrong carpet cleaner. ...
  4. Not doing a spot test. ...
  5. Overusing carpet deodoriser. ...
  6. Using faulty carpet-cleaning equipment. ...
  7. Not hiring a professional when necessary.
Jul 21, 2021

How do you make high traffic carpet look new? ›

You can remove virtually any type of high traffic stain from your carpet by using a combination of water, vinegar, and baking soda. This method is less harmful than most commercial carpet cleaning processes and is much more affordable.

Is self cleaning better than steam cleaning? ›

That being said, because the Self-Clean process is longer and a little more in depth, it does clean the oven better when it comes to tough grease spots and caked on debris and requires little to no wiping or elbow grease compared to Steam-Clean.

Why is steam cleaner better? ›

Steam cleaning kills germs, viruses, and molds.

When steam penetrates surface pores, it removes dirt, debris, bacteria, and other tiny elements with hot vapor molecules. These vapor molecules are so hot that they are able to kill even the strongest pathogens like E. Coli and Salmonella from your home's surfaces.

Is a home steam cleaner worth it? ›

Steam cleaners are particularly helpful for allergy sufferers, because not only do they clean surfaces of dust and other allergens and debris, but they also disinfect and deodorize without the use of harsh chemicals that could trigger allergies, asthma, and multiple chemical sensitivity.

Is steam cleaner worth the money? ›

Should you buy a steam cleaner? This does not mean you have to spend thousands but it does mean you have to be careful about what you buy. Always look for good product reviews, maybe even a recommendation but if you're serious about cleaning well, yes a steam cleaning is certainly worth the money.

Can you clean everything with a steam cleaner? ›

Steam cleaners can be safely used on many household surfaces, including sealed tile, hardwood floors, grout, sinks, tubs, countertops, carpets, mattresses, upholstery, showers, ovens, stove tops, grills, glass, and more.

How many times should I steam clean my carpet? ›

A good rule of thumb is to have your carpet professionally steam cleaned at least once a year, twice if you seem to track a lot of dirt in. This way you get a good, deep cleaning and don't let the dirt build up. Vacuum once or twice a week to keep it clean in between your steam cleaning sessions.

Why does my carpet smell like a dog after steam cleaning? ›

However, if there is an odour which a lot of people explain that smells like a wet dog after carpets have been cleaned. Two to three days later or even a month after cleaning this is not normal. This means that there is a contamination of the carpet backing or underlay.

Why does my carpet smell like mildew after steam cleaning? ›

One of the main reasons why carpets smell after a deep clean is the underlay. Basically, this part of the carpet padding is not exposed to direct light or air, so it takes a lot more time to dry properly. And you know what excess moisture leads to? Precisely – mould and mildew smell after carpet cleaning.

Does steaming get rid of musty smell? ›

The heated steam works to loosen fibers in fabric to kill odor-causing bacteria and germs, plus harsh allergens caused by dust mites. Not only does steam kill odor, but it also has the ability to remove stains if you haven't left them sitting on the fabric for too long.

What is the best solution to use in a steam cleaner? ›

Rather, use a steam cleaner with a hydrogen peroxide 3% solution, which will kill off any harmful microorganisms while keeping your little ones safe.

How often should you use a steam cleaner? ›

A small household, may only need their carpet steam cleaned once every 12 months, whereas a family home with young children and pets may require having carpet steam cleaned every 3-6 months.

Do steam cleaners leave the floor wet? ›

A steam cleaner is a device that turns ordinary tap water to a cleaning agent that can both clean and sanitize surfaces using a combination of heat and pressure. Much of what comes out of the tip of a steam cleaner is water—which means the surface of what is being cleaned is left wet.


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