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Learn how to prepare for CLAT 2023. Check out the best books on CLAT Prep, Online Prep Strategy, Reasoning Tips, GK, English & Other Subjects and much more.

The CLAT preparation strategy is important to pass the exam on the first try. CLAT, or Common Law Admission Test, is a national law entrance exam taken by students across the country who are pursuing a career in law. So, the competition for the exam is fierce, so some tips and tricks for better CLAT preparation recommended by previous winners can be a useful resource to get a better exam result.

CLATis a nationwide, centralized state entrance test that allows admission to 22 national law universities in India. Candidates who have completed upper secondary education can take this exam.

Table of contents

  • CLAT 2023 exam overview
  • CLAT 2023 exam pattern
  • CLAT 2023 curriculum
  • How to prepare for the CLAT exam?
  • Best CLAT prep book 2023
  • CLAT preparation application
  • How important are CLAT mock tests?
  • The best youtube channel for CLAT preparation
  • CLAT exam preparation without training
  • CLAT IIM preparation tips

CLAT 2023 exam overview

Candidates can take the CLAT exam to gain admission to the undergraduate and postgraduate programs offered by the National Universities of Law. The test is for Indian Citizens and NRIs only. Foreigners who wish to be admitted can contact the relevant university directly if places for foreigners are to be filled.

Some of the highlights of the CLAT exam are listed in the table below:

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Highlights of CLAT
exam nameCommon Law Admission Test (CLAT)
test frequencyOnce a year
exam modeIn line
exam duration120 minutes
exam languageEnglish

CLAT 2023 exam pattern

The CLAT exam test includes aptitude and reasoning skills. There are five sections in total including: Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, General Knowledge, Legal Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning. There will be 150 objective multiple choice questions, each with a grade. If the candidate does not answer the questions, no points will be deducted. You have to keep in mind that if you answer a question incorrectly, 0.25 points will be deducted. The section weight of the CLAT exam pattern is:

CLAT exam pattern
Affairspercentage weightnumber of questions
quantitative suitability10%13-17 questions
Legal Justification25%35-39 questions
Logical thinking20%28-32 questions
English language20%28-32 questions
general knowledge25%35-39 questions

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CLAT 2023 curriculum

The CLAT curriculum includes several areas of study such as English, general knowledge, quantitative aptitude, legal aptitude and logical reasoning. The sub-syllabus for the CLAT exam is:

CLAT 2023 curriculum
English language
  • write comprehension passages
  • wrong grammatical sentences
  • fill the gaps
general knowledge
  • Current events and general awareness
  • The section consists of a passage that includes concepts such as breaking news, journalistic writing, and non-fiction.
quantitative suitability
  • Sets of facts, images, graphics, statements, a textual or schematic representation of numerical data
  • ratios and proportions
  • basic algebra
  • Measurement
  • The statistics
  • Interest
  • Win and loss
  • Membership and Discounts
  • areas and volumes
  • percentage
legal capacityThe section includes a 450-word passage on concepts such as public policy, legal issues, or moral-philosophical inquiry. The candidate's ability or interest in the law is assessed.
Logical thinking
  • The section contains a 300-word passage on concepts such as relationships, analogies, corollaries, and arguments.
  • Some of the themes are analogy, series, relationships, alphabet, encoding-decoding, number, direction and distance, classification, time sequence, and odd man out.

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How to prepare for the CLAT exam?

The CLAT is a highly regarded test and there is a big rush for approvals. Here are some ways students can get 100% success on the CLAT exam.

  • There will be no direct questions from the English Language Paper covering concepts such as vocabulary and synonyms. Applicants must therefore prepare accordingly.
  • For the General Knowledge, Logical Reasoning, Legal Reasoning and English Language sections candidates may follow the Class XII syllabus and for the Quantitative Aptitude section candidates may follow the Class X syllabus.
  • The authority only evaluates the theoretical work of the candidates who achieve the minimum number of points.
  • There are no direct questions on the quantitative aptitude questionnaire that contain concepts such as time and work. Candidates can prepare for concepts such as data interpretation.
  • Candidates must achieve the minimum score for the objective CLAT 2023 LLM exam. These differ depending on the category:
    • For general applicants - 40%
    • For SC/ST/PWD candidates - 35%

Best CLAT prep book 2023

Many CLAT preparation books are available on the market; Not all books are recommended. Therefore, follow the books developed exclusively for the CLAT exam and suggested by the toppers. These are the ones that have already been tried and tested and are expected to give you the best results.

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However, it is recommended to read book reviews when buying from online stores. This will give you a rough idea of ​​the book.

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CLAT preparation application

If candidates are excited to take online courses for the CLAT, they are welcome to do so. Here are the best online CLAT platforms that offer excellent teaching and all the necessary study materials.


Unacademy is one of the fastest growing online course platforms. Unacademy offers the best faculty in CLAT, personal trainers, test suites and study planners. Every year students choose this option to prepare for exams. They also give you the chance to talk to their experts. There are preloaded classes as well as online classes.

The teachers are there to guide the students, prepare the lesson plans according to the students' needs, and provide the best study material for the preparation. In addition, there are bi-weekly review sessions to discuss and track student progress. Mock tests and quizzes are also conducted regularly.

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de byju

Offers comprehensive year-long CLAT preparation courses. There are almost 200 repetitions of curriculum chapters, online tests and quizzes to help students learn independently and become self-directed. There are preloaded videos on each topic. Educators are always available to provide a customizable solution at any time.

Another important feature of this online training is that parents can also keep in touch with the educators and follow their child's progress.

Career Krug

Career Launcher is one of the growing online platforms. Most of the teachers are very experienced and have more than ten years of experience. Learning is offered in a well-structured and planned manner. The live classes are very interactive; There are separate sessions for clarification of doubts, self-assessment tests and simulations. Tutors can consult teachers for analysis of the rest of the test.

How important are CLAT mock tests?

CLAT mock tests are very necessary for all candidates. The best way to assess CLAT readiness without classes is to take mock exams at regular intervals.

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Many places only run mock tests; Sign up for one of them. This will improve your CLAT preparation, help candidates analyze the quiz, give them an idea of ​​the exam and develop a sense of time management. Participation in the simulations is mandatory, especially during the exam.

The best youtube channel for CLAT preparation

Today the internet is a blessing; For every problem there is an internet solution. What you write has an answer. So this can be a great source of information and help. But candidates should pay attention to the necessary study materials and not divulge other subjects. These may not take long to turn into a nightmare.

Here is the list of the best YouTube channels to prepare for the CLAT exam:

  • study IQ
  • Tutorial to prepare for the law
  • high level CLAT
  • legal benefit
  • CLAT Gurukul

CLAT exam preparation without training

Candidates can start their preparation at home without the help of training courses. However, there are certain parameters candidates must follow in order to pass the exam.

  • Assess strengths and weaknesses by accessing curriculum and topics. Think of the ones that require extra effort.
  • Candidates must be aware of time management. It's a highly competitive exam and time management is absolutely essential.
  • On exam day, candidates should spend the first 10 minutes reading the entire quiz, while marking known answers can save some time.
  • Conduct mock tests at regular intervals.
  • Also write down all the little details and important points as you read through the topics. It will be useful for flash recovery.

CLAT IIM preparation tips

There are various tips for solving the exam, e.g. B. Tips from exam experts, rules mentioned in the guidelines and more. Some of the preparation tips for the CLAT IIM preparation are:

  • Conduct mock tests as often as possible
  • Work on time management skills to solve problems.
  • Consult learning materials
  • Study 10 hours a day
  • Start preparing at least 6-7 months before the exam
  • Take the help of sample documents and sort them out
  • Work more on lag issues
  • Follow the news daily
  • Work on the grammatical error
  • make short notes
  • Do a quick review


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