Dead Cells - Rogue-lite Metroidvania with some soul-lite combat on top! Kill, die, learn, repeat. (2023)

entra no panchaku

important functions

  • Nova arma: Panchaku

    Two frying pans tied together with rope, the perfect homemade weapon for traversing the island!

    Criticize the enemies in front of you.

  • New outfit: Bobby's outfit

    A new outfit inspired by Beheaded's design from the Dead Cells trailers, including a burning head.

  • New crossover content with Soul Knight:

    These features were already in the mobile version of Dead Cells, we've just brought them to PC and consoles!

    Arma:magic bow, fire 5 guided arrows in slow motion.

    Clothes:men suit, inspired by the Soul Knight character of the same name.

    New knowledge space inprison roomsto unlock the blueprints!

  • New custom mode option: legendary only

    Converts all weapons found in the race into Legendary weapons.

  • Now you canpet your petsIf you are in transition areas, hold interaction next to them!
  • We've completely redesigned the way Legendary Weapons work!

    - Removed double stat scaling but kept colorless state. Now you only scale to your highest value.It was mostly overpowered, quite counterintuitive (you had to split stats whereas in non-legendary situations you were supposed to do the opposite) and not very fun (it just added more damage).

    - A unique legendary affix has been addednoWeapons A legendary weapon always has its legendary affix in addition to the normal ones.Below is a list of all weapons and their respective Legendary affixes.

  • new addeddouble stackLegendary affix that doubles the number of stacks applied by the weapon.(Things like poison, fire, etc.)
  • new addedglobal shield on killLegendary addition.
  • new addedbest secretsLegendary affix that increases the quality of secrets found on the ground or walls by one level.
  • new addedtrue evilLegendary affix, deals triple damage but blocks the rest of the charge while the weapon is equipped.
  • new addedgood killerLegendary affix, increases the weapon's final hit critical multiplier.
  • new addedroot of deathLegendary affix, immobilizes nearby enemies on kill.
  • new addedMegacríticoLegendary affix, increases critical damage by 75%.
  • new addedKaskadengrabLegendary addition, exclusive toGrabstein, the doom effect can be triggered recursively.
  • new addedrebuild by killingLegendary addition, exclusive tobroken toothpick, repairs the weapon on kill.
  • new addedspeed ballLegendary affix, reduces cooldown time between attacks.
  • new addedsuper cutLegendary addition, exclusive toQueen's Rapier, greatly increases the scope of the snippets of reality.
  • new addedfire on hitLegendary affix, sets enemies hit on fire.
  • new addeddouble bulletsLegendary affix, doubles the number of projectiles fired from the weapon.
  • new addedbullets tripledLegendary affix, triples the number of projectiles fired from the weapon.
  • new addedgolden damageLegendary affix, improves weapon damage based on the player's current gold count.
  • new addedstun shieldLegendary affix, stuns any enemy stopped by shield.
  • new addeddouble speedLegendary affix, projectiles fired from the weapon go twice as fast.
  • new addedEcoLegendary affix, reproduces a grenade explosion a second time.
  • new addedbiggest bangLegendary affix, increases the blast radius of a grenade.
  • new addedskierLegendary addition, exclusive toice armor, crafted armor never expires.
  • new addedSuper back injuriesLegendary affix, greatly increases damage when hitting enemies from behind.Update 30.1


  • Sword and weapon of hard light– Light damage buff on sword and attack speed buff on pistol
  • Arco de Hokuto: triggers less often + damage bonus buff
  • repeater beast: Nerf to critical damage
  • Queen's Rapier: Late cut comes before
  • canyon of the depths: Increased attack speed
  • Wrecking Ball: The first and last attack are faster
  • osteoporosis– Now leaps to a nearby target before performing his reload attack + retains his growth stat in instances of the item in a sprint
  • Yumi Dorado– Slightly reduced charging time + critical hits are now reliable on Mama Tick (to match Impaler)
  • murder deck: Damage buff on the first 2 attacks
  • hand crochet- Now also crits if the thrown opponent hits another creature
  • Greed Shield– Can now activate once per enemy every 10 seconds + damage buff
  • angry sword- Critical multiplier is now inversely proportional to your health (at or below 50% of max health)
  • lower trident: Light damage buff
  • shrapnel axes: Light damage buff
  • the power of the chicken: now fires 1 more egg + damage buff
  • RauchbombejHook: Scaled heavily nerfed.It has increased exponentially.
  • beam: Now crits 1 tick early and deals damage 1 tick later
  • shield with spikes: Increased critical damage
  • sonic carabiner: Dano Nerf
  • to share: Dano Nerf
  • axt type: Nerf damage, Extra Ammo affix can no longer be used and is not affected by Ammo mutation.
  • hunter grenade: no longer provides stats
  • crusher- Your slowdown is now less effective on bosses
  • canyon of the depths: Your root is now less effective on bosses
  • sharp tonfas: slight nerf to critical multiplier
  • Penetrating Aura- Cooldown now starts at the end of the effect instead of starting at cast
  • New critical state for theHebel: Now also crits on "monster" (non-humanoid, non-mech) enemies.It also retains its former critical status, this is not a replacement.
  • Damage increased fromfire marksAffixes (Projectile and Execute).
  • Well, here comes the extremely long list of each weapon and its respective legendary affix.


  • White guns
  • Balanced Blade: Poison on hit
  • Spite Sword: Poison Skin Area
  • Assassin's Dagger: Dano nas costas
  • Blutschwert: double stack
  • Twin Daggers: critical sprint speed
  • Broadsword: global shield ao kill
  • Shovel: Best Secrets
  • Cursed Sword: True Evil
  • Sadist's Stiletto: Back damage
  • Swift Sword: Sprint Speed ​​on Kill
  • Giant Slayer: God Slayer
  • Shrapnel Axes: Fireball
  • Seismic Attack: Deathroot
  • War Lance: Sprint Speed ​​to Critical
  • Impaler: Damage the coasts
  • Symmetric Spear - Does not quadruple damage and ignores global shields
  • Damage: Critical sprint speed
  • Meat Skewers: Back Damage
  • Nutcracker: Root of Death
  • Spartan Sandals: Feet of Fire
  • Spiked Boots: Bleeds on hit
  • Hayabusa boots: sprint speed on kill
  • Manoplas Hayabusa: Superkritisch
  • Valmont's Whip: Critical Run Speed
  • Ripping Whip: Bleeds on hit
  • Greased Sword: Poison on hit
  • Flashlight: dual battery
  • Frenzy Sword: Heal half of your health
  • Flawless: Sprint speed on critical hits
  • Flint: Fire on hit
  • Flawless: Sprint speed on critical hits
  • Tentacles: Poison on hit
  • Vorpan: Fire on hit
  • Blinking Fans: Bleed on hit
  • Scythe Claw: Death Root
  • Rhythm n' Bouzouki: fire for a hit
  • Lever: Back damage
  • Serpentine Fangs - Sprint speed on kill
  • Iron Staff: Ice Shield
  • Boatman's Lantern (Melee): Fires on hit
  • Katana of Hattori: Mega Criticism
  • Explosive Beast (Melee): Death Freeze
  • Tombstone: Cascade Grave
  • Furnace Axe: Dash Speed ​​​​on Crit
  • Toothpick: heavy stun
  • Toothpick (broken): Rebuild on kill
  • Machete and Pistol: Bleeds on hit
  • Hard Light Saber (Sword): Super Critical
  • Unha Pura: Worm of Death
  • Bone: sprint speed on critical hit
  • Abyssal Trident: Sprint Speed ​​​​no Critical
  • Hand Hook: Poison on hit
  • Mouth of the Depths: Triple Bullets
  • Blade Tonfas: sprint speed on kill
  • Wrecking Ball: Speedball
  • Queen's Rapier: Super Slice
  • Dolch des Profits: Dash Speed ​​​​​​on Crit
  • Gold Digger - heavy stun
  • Panchaku: Fire on hit
  • ranged weapons
  • Multi Nock Bow: double bullets
  • Infinity Bow and Quiver: Poison on hit
  • Sniper Bow: Heavy stun
  • Sonic Carbine: Poison Bullet
  • Infantry Bow: Bleeds on hit
  • Rapid Bow: Super Critical
  • Ice Arc: Strong Ice
  • Heavy Crossbow: Pierce
  • Heavy Beast (Reload): Global Shield deployed
  • Repetierarmbrust: Super Pierce
  • Repeater Crossbow (Lightning Quiver): Pierce
  • Ice Beast: Strong Ice
  • Ice Beast (Piercing Shot): Frozen Death
  • Explosive Crossbow: Pierce
  • Alchemical Carbine: Double Stack
  • Boomerang: Little extra ammo
  • Bleeding: bleeding spread
  • The Child's Axe: Little extra ammo
  • War Spear: Fireball
  • Hokuto Arc: Super-Pierce
  • Nerves of Steel: Super Critical
  • Throwing Knives: Bleeding Spread
  • Lightning Whip: Back damage
  • Brand name: double stack
  • Ice Shards: Deathfrost
  • Pyrotechnics: Double Stack
  • Lightning: Global shield on kill
  • Fire Blast: Global Shield em uso
  • Frost Strike: gelo forte
  • Magic Missiles: Super Pierce
  • Blowgun: Poison cloud on hit
  • Barrel Launcher: Fogo Mortal
  • Lanterna do Contramestre (Soulshot): Fireball
  • Hard Light Pistol - Dual Stack
  • Killing Deck: Bleeds on hit
  • Golden Yumi: Fireball
  • Money Shooter: Super Pierce
  • Magic Bow: Dual Missiles
  • shields
  • Front Shield: Counter-attack
  • Club: long stun
  • Punishment: Frozen Death
  • Repulsion Shield: Deathroot
  • Parede: Frostschild
  • Attack Shield: Heavy Stun
  • Blood Shield: Double Stack
  • Shield of Greed - Improved gold damage
  • Schild mit Pinchos: Megacrit
  • Stop Sign: Impressive Shield
  • Power Shield: Ice Shield
  • Thunder Shield: Poison Shield
  • Ice Shield: Hard Ice
  • deployable traps
  • Doppelt crossb-o-matic: Pierce
  • Tendon cutter: bleeding spread
  • Heavy Rook: Super Pierce
  • Recognizes: Poison Orb
  • Flammenwerferturm: double stack
  • Blade: double stack
  • Wolf Trap: Ice on hold
  • Circuit Breaker: Ice on stop
  • Explosive Decoy - Sprint speed on kill
  • Emergency Door: Damage Provided
  • Tesla Coil: Oil and Fire in Destruction
  • Looted Blitz - double speed
  • grenades
  • Mighty Grenade: Death Freeze
  • Infantry Grenade: Oil
  • Cluster Grenade: Deathfire
  • Magnetgranate: Eco
  • Stun Grenade: Long stun
  • Ice Grenade: Hard Ice
  • Fire Grenade: Greater Explosion
  • Root Grenade: Deathroot
  • Oil Grenade: Fire of Death
  • Swarm Grenade: Poison on hit(yes, it applies to bite attacks)
  • powers
  • Death Orb - double speed
  • Tornado: Poison cloud on hit
  • Knife Dance: Blood Poison
  • Corrupted Power: Global Shield deployed
  • Vampirism: Global Shield Deployed
  • Tonic: Longer lasting
  • Grappling Hook: Fire at work
  • Phaser: Poison in action
  • Corrosive Cloud: Dual Stack
  • Lacerating Aura: Bleeds on hit
  • Wave of Denial: Oil and Fire at Work
  • Raven Wings: Global Shield in use
  • Great War Owl: Super Pierce
  • Lightspeed: Global Shield in action
  • Giant Whistle: Death Freeze
  • Earth Shock: Global Shield on kill
  • <Spoiler Element>: Sprint speed on kill
  • Smoke Bomb: Execution speed used
  • Mushroom Boi!: Poison cloud on hit
  • Lightning rod: Fire stopped
  • Scarecrow's Scythe: Dual Spheres
  • Ice Armor: White Walker
  • Serenade: Sprint Speed ​​on Critical Hit
  • Kokon: Frostschild
  • Facial bottle: oil and fire at work
  • Chicken Power: Death Worm
  • Leghugger: Bleeding Spread
  • ————————————————————————————
  • Legendary items now have the same bonus level as S-Tier itemsUpdate 30.1
  • Reduced chance to rollfull of health damageTo cleanUpdate 30.1
  • Reducedthe child's axshock damage.Update 30.1
    ————————————————————————————Update 30.1

  • Hayabusas Stulpen: MegacritUpdate 30.1
  • Rigid Lightsaber (sword): Mega CritUpdate 30.1
  • Rapid Bow - Mega CriticalUpdate 30.1
  • Nerves of Steel: Mega CriticalUpdate 30.1
  • Killer Dagger - Mega CritUpdate 30.1
  • Sadist's Stiletto: super dano nas costasUpdate 30.1
  • Impaler: Super damage to the shoresUpdate 30.1
  • Meat Skewers: Super damage to the backUpdate 30.1
  • Leverage: Super Back DamageUpdate 30.1
  • Lightning Whip: Super damage to the backUpdate 30.1
  • Hayabusa Boots: Super Back DamageUpdate 30.1
  • Serpentine Fangs: Double StackUpdate 30.1
  • Chicote de Valmont: MegacriticUpdate 30.1
  • Leghugger: Bleeds on hitUpdate 30.1
  • Vampirism: oil and fire at workUpdate 30.1
  • Mighty Grenade: Bigger ExplosionUpdate 30.1
  • ————————————————————————————

    Update 30.1

  • bullets stopped byLet's gowill now also stun enemies.Update 30.2
  • Greatly reduced blockingdemolition ballsThird and fourth attack.Update 30.3
  • full of health damageIt is no longer a prominent kennel name.Update 30.3
  • sharp peaksEach stack's damage is reduced the more arrows are on the enemy.1 Arrow = 40 dmg, 2 Arrows = 74 dmg, 3 Arrows = 104 dmg usw.Update 30.3
  • Remote Controlhand crochetfirst strike and greatly reduced the block of the last attack.Update 30.3
  • Added a new Legendary affix exclusive toSerenade:durability up, the pet sword never expires.Please note that the only translations of this addendum are currently in French or English.Update 30.3
  • Yumi DoradoRepeat.
    - Ammo count reduced to 2.
    - Now has a 2 hit combo that fires the second arrow faster.
    - Now counts as a heavy weapon.
    - Increased overall weapon speed.
    - Increased base damage, reduced critical multiplier.
    - Damage is no longer split between enemies hit.
    - Arrows now pierce all enemies.
    - Bosses are more pulled by the arrow.
    - Arrow speed reduction.
    - No longer stuns on an AoE hit.Update 30.3
    ————————————————————————————Update 30.3

  • Crossb-o-matic duplo: Super PierceUpdate 30.3
  • Explosive Beast: Super PierceUpdate 30.3
  • Heavy Beast: Super PierceUpdate 30.3
  • Giant Whistle: EchoUpdate 30.3
  • Tornado: double speedUpdate 30.3
  • Spiked Boots: Critical Sprint SpeedUpdate 30.3
  • Streugranate: EcoUpdate 30.3
  • Balanced Blade: Critical Hit Sprint SpeedUpdate 30.3
  • Hank Hook: Bleeds on hitUpdate 30.3
  • Serenade: increased durabilityUpdate 30.3
  • ————————————————————————————

    Update 30.3

  • Reduced unlock requirementRandom melee weaponup to 2 items unlocked.Update 30.4
  • Counterattack BonusThe affix now applies to all enemies instead of just the blocked one, and can only be triggered by player attacks.Update 30.4
  • DoT Affix TalismanThe scaling is now based on the highest level stat value instead of the average level.Update 30.4
  • gold eaternow cannot attack or teleport the player unless it has seen them at least once.Update 30.4


  • Emprison rooms, if the player has themSpinnenrunebut not himwine rune, the step toSewerageThe door now uses a specific slot.Yes, this is a very specific change, don't ask about it.
  • Addmonolithen teleportbefore the exits that leadforgotten tomb.Update 30.1
  • An issue added tobelfryEmFriedhof, for cases where the player would otherwise crash.Update 30.1
  • Emramparts, prevented the exit that led to itconnectivebe locked behind afragile background.Update 30.1

Graphics and User Interface

  • Reworked furtherclothing selection UI. It's now a grid showing icons for all unlocked sets, as well as a preview of the game.Update 30.2
  • Weapon icons on the HUD are now hidden when your controls are locked.Update 30.3
  • Fixed option text going out of frame when opened from main menu.Update 30.4

quality of life

  • Different speed bonus feedback has been standardized.
  • The double tap input option for Dive Attack has become more reliable and consistent.Update 30.3

music and special effects


      error correction

      • Festivalcorrosive clouddo not triggerspread of bleedingTo clean
      • FestivalSerenadesometimes loses its affixes with use.
      • Festivalexploding barrelsIt won't update properly if it's not on the screen.
      • Gravity disabled when picking up a scroll to prevent a smooth fall when falling off the screen.
      • Fixed level icons not displaying correctly on colorless items.
      • Fixed bank popup and 1BC popup overlay.
      • corrosive cloudnow correctly displays its synergy with bleed.Update 30.2
      • he didicing on the cakeBombs that do not damage the player.Update 30.2
      • Added missing world map transition from Distillery -> Lighthouse.Update 30.2
      • Festivalconnectiveprojectiles are sometimes fired during the kill animation.Update 30.2
      • he didhunter grenadedoes not respawn when thrown off a cliff or when an elite level enemy falls off a cliff.Update 30.2
      • Fixed a crash when picking up an amulet with thehuman homunculusinsidedaily challenge.Update 30.2
      • FestivalSeta BoiGetting stuck in the dash animation after the explosion is triggered.Update 30.2
      • FestivalmutineersMelee attack without attack warning.Update 30.2
      • Festivalinvisibilitydo not affect the player's head or scarf.Update 30.2
      • Festivalarmored shrimpmoves when frozen.Update 30.2
      • Fixed players getting stuck off-screen in certain situations.Update 30.2
      • Fixed pets sometimes dying for no apparent reason.Update 30.2
      • he didosteoporosisDon't teleport back to the player if they are too far away.Update 30.2
      • Fixed issue where minimap update covered part of revealed mapsinvestigative instinct.Update 30.2
      • Festivalscrollson minimap does not show stats icon when activatedbatsman instincts.Update 30.3
      • Fixed mutations in the HUD getting louder and louder every time the player toggled the "place backpack next to weapons" option.Update 30.3
      • Festivalqueenit sometimes gets stuck in the "slices of reality" phase.Update 30.3
      • Fixed some powers and effects not working correctly after going through a ZDoor, as well as their visual disappearance:
        - Gelo Sprite Armor.
        - Cell phone bonus FX.
        Rasgando Aura FX.
        - Raven Wings FX.Update 30.3
      • attach elitegold eaterwith elite abilities when transformed byhunter grenade.Update 30.3
      • fixed pathDoT effectsThe damage scale has been calculated, resulting in some of them doing less damage than intended.Update 30.4
      • Fixed display of DPS on weapons not working correctly with damage multipliers.Update 30.4
      • Fixed DPS screen for theOsso.Update 30.4

      update record

      • Update 30.0:2022-07-06(291232a1)alpha-Zweig
      • Update 30.1:2022-07-11(ad8b2bfc)alpha-Zweig
      • Update 30.2:2022-07-19(f29ebd0e)Beta-Zweig
      • Update 30.3:2022-07-26(f7eb1139)Beta-Zweig
      • Update 30.4:2022-08-02(8f91c77b)
      • Update 30.5:2022-08-05 (a09ade33)
      • Update 30.6:2022-08-30(514ecba2)
      • Update 30.7:2022-09-12 (3734a9a9)
      • See all major changes

      Patch notes for the previous update

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