Dead Cells - The Best Swords In The Game (And Where To Find Them) (2023)

With so many weapons to choose fromdead cells, players can create a large number of buildings. This adds tremendous replay value to an already great roguelike adventure. However, with so many options, it can be difficult to determine which ones are best for the most Tainted Island trips.

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Sword fans (because they're cool!) have a veritable arsenal to choose the best blades for. However, most don't scale as well as players progress to later realms, which means there are a few swords that prove to be particularly well-suited for melee-oriented builds.

These swords strike the best balance between damage output and speed, resulting in high damage per second (DPS) and an impressive critical strike mechanic. These features, along with practical and devastating effects, make the following blades worth buying.

Updated on August 8, 2021 by Reyadh Rahaman:Depending on a player's preferences, different swords may seem more desirable for an intended build, but it's important that players don't spend their time on inferior swords or even stick with average for too long in order to kill enemies fast. action-packed side-scrolling is crucial.

Always think strategically which secondary weapons have the best synergy with the chosen blade, as well as optimal powers or grenades to maximize the effectiveness of the player's attacks.

10 seismic attack

Dead Cells - The Best Swords In The Game (And Where To Find Them) (1)

Seismic StrikeBase DPS (Critical DPS) - 130 (Cannot perform critical hits)

Seismic Attack Escalation - Survival

Seismic strikes unlock cost -100 cells

Seismic impact site

It can be dropped by bombers with a 2% chance.

Tips for Using Seismic Slam

Slower than many other swords, Seismic Strike is more about planning an attack and catching enemies than actually wounding enemies yourself. The lack of critical strike potential makes this sword's damage mediocre, especially since its 3-hit combo takes 1.91 seconds to unleash; too slow for a sword.

However, on the first and third hits of their combo, players will simultaneously shoot spikes from the ground to trap enemies and root them. This effect is more important than Seismic Strike's damage, so make sure to use this sword for a root build.

9 balanced blade

Dead Cells - The Best Swords In The Game (And Where To Find Them) (2)
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Balanced Blade Base DPS (Kritischer DPS) - 147 (230)

Balanced Blade Scale - Brutality

Balanced Blades Unlock Cost - No Cost

Balanced blade position

Available from the beginning of each run, after meeting certain criteria.

Tips for using the balance sheet

Boasting one of the longest combos of any sword, the Balanced Blade can unleash a burst of 6 attacks in 1.46 seconds, making it one of the fastest swords in the game and giving it its potential as a great spam weapon. in the early parts of many races. . .

Balanced Blade's effect, appropriately, is that it gains attack after every hit it hits a target, meaning sustained attacks result in progressively higher DPS, up to a maximum of +90% base damage. While the multiplayer crit isn't very high, the passive buff to base damage more than makes up for it, but constantly having to land a lot of hits leaves players open to enemy attacks, which can be devastating in the later parts of games. races with more powerful enemies.

8 Wave Sword

Dead Cells - The Best Swords In The Game (And Where To Find Them) (3)

Base DPS of Surge Sword (Critical DPS) - 127 (165)

Waved Sword Scales - Brutalidade

Oiled Sword Unlock Cost - 25 Cells

Greased Sword Location

Has a 1.7% chance to drop from bats.

Tips for Using the Greased Sword

This dripping blade combo consists of 2 quick hits that are done in 0.71 seconds; very fast. While this doesn't confirm his low base DPS, the fact that Oiled Sword pairs so well with the many firearms and powers in the game makes him very good in the early parts of a run.

Attacks with this weapon grant critical hits when enemies are on fire, which is very easy to achieve since the oiled sword coats those hit with slippery, flammable oil. Unfortunately, this sword's critical damage multiplier is quite low, making it unsuitable for most executions beyond the midsection.

7 Stock

Dead Cells - The Best Swords In The Game (And Where To Find Them) (4)

RapierBase DPS (Critical DPS) - 106 (268)

Stock Escalation - Brutality

RapierUnlock Cost - 40 Cells


It can be dropped by Scorpions with a 0.4% chance.

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Tips on how to use TheRapier

This is a weapon for the really fast, as the Rapier is capable of unleashing a barrage of 4 hits in 0.85 seconds. While each individual attack is relatively weak, hitting quickly and repeatedly can be enough to quickly pick off weak enemies and potentially stagger larger threats.

However, the real reason to use the Rapier is its huge critical hit multiplier, which more than doubles the DPS. Guaranteed critical hits can be scored by rolling or stopping immediately before attacking. For the most agile and experienced players, this can be a devastating weapon.

6 furious sword

Dead Cells - The Best Swords In The Game (And Where To Find Them) (5)

Frantic Sword DPS (Critical DPS) - 137 (285)

Frenzied Sword Scales - Brutality

Wild Sword Unlock Cost - 25 Cells

Wild Sword Place

Can be dropped by Kamikazes with a 0.4% chance.

Tips for Using TheFrantic Sword

Being able to throw 5 hits in 1.71 seconds is a fast enough combo, though not at the speed of other swords. However, the main point of use for the Frentic Sword is the fact that the player is guaranteed to critically hit when below 50% health, above 50% disease, or both.

Possessing a significant critical strike multiplier is also a boon to anyone looking to wield this sword, though this is intended for specific builds that aim to combine other factors that kick in when you're low on health or sick, preventing the ferocious sword be really useful for most generalized builds.

5 challenge sword

Dead Cells - The Best Swords In The Game (And Where To Find Them) (6)

SpiteSword DPS (Critical DPS) - 144 (255)

SpiteSwordScaling - Brutalidad

SpiteSwordUnlock Cost - 30 Cells

Spite Sword Location

Can be dropped by Buzzcutters with a 0.3% chance.

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(Video) Dead Cells (2022+) | Why You're Not Doing Enough Damage (Min Max Guide)

Tips on how to use TheSpite Sword

With a 4-hit combo that can be performed in 1.35 seconds, Spite Sword has a relatively average attack speed for a sword. The critical multiplier is also pretty common, but don't let that stop you from trying this sinister blade.

Critical hits are guaranteed if the player has been hit by an enemy for less than 8 seconds or if the player has been cursed. While the latter is not recommended, the former can be easily abused with certain mutations that allow it to quickly restore health lost from an enemy attack and deal increased damage for a while. Additionally, players don't even need to take full damage to trigger Spite Sword's effect, as blocking with a shield will also trigger it to unleash a series of more sustained critical hits.

4 long sword

Dead Cells - The Best Swords In The Game (And Where To Find Them) (7)

Long Sword DPS (Critical DPS) - 164 (273)

BroadswordScaling - Supervivencia

Greatsword Unlock Cost - 20 Cells

Location of the Great Sword

Guaranteed to be found on the corpse of the Tutorial Knight in the Prisoner's Quarters.

Tips for Using the Broadsword

With a slow 3 hit combo in 2.25 seconds, the Broadsword is one of the slowest swords around, but is an effective heavy weapon for a variety of builds that follow the Survival character progression path (in full or in part). , thanks to its relatively fast attack speed compared to big hammers and clubs.

This solid balance of power and speed is further enhanced by the fact that every second and third hit in this weapon's combos are guaranteed critical hits, boosted by a respectable critical damage multiplier.

3 Hattoris Katana

Dead Cells - The Best Swords In The Game (And Where To Find Them) (8)

Hattori's Katana DPS (Critical DPS) - 176 (266)

Hattori's Katana Scale - Brutality

Hattori's Katana Unlock Cost - 60 Cells

Hattori's katana location

It can be dropped by Strange Warriors with a 1.7% chance.

Tips for using Hattori's katana

Although katanas are known in most games for their superior speed compared to many other types of swords, indead cells, Hattori's katana has a slightly below-average attack speed on his 4-hit combo, lasting 1.9 seconds.

However, the true speed of this sword lies in the maneuverability it grants its wielder, as by pressing the attack button, the player can slice through enemies while hitting them with a slash that is guaranteed to be a critical hit. This is backed by a decent critical damage multiplier for a versatile and powerful attack that can also be avoided.

(Video) Dead Cells - Hattori's Katana is OP

2 meat skewer

Dead Cells - The Best Swords In The Game (And Where To Find Them) (9)

Meat Spit DPS (Critical DPS) - 181 (281)

Spike climbing - Brutality

Spike Unlock Cost - 60 Cells

Meat skewer position

Successfully complete daily races 10 times.

Tips on how to use the meat skewer

With a quick 3-hit combo, executed in 0.72 seconds, players are capable of dealing massive burst damage. Paired with a solid crit multiplier, the Meat Skewer can really allow players to easily impale the opponent.

The moveset of this Thrusting Sword is innovative and allows for many evasive maneuvers while attacking naturally, making it ideal for aggressive fighters. The first attack of the 3-hit combo allows you to charge forward to pierce enemies and get behind them, then the next 2 hits are guaranteed critical hits that deal heavy damage.

1 cursed sword

Dead Cells - The Best Swords In The Game (And Where To Find Them) (10)

CursedSwordDPS (Critical DPS) -553 (Cannot perform critical hits)

CursedSwordScaling - Brutalidade

CursedSword Unlock Cost - 50 Cells

cursed sword location

Guaranteed to drop from Conjunctivius after defeating them a second time.

Tips on how to use The Cursed Sword

A quick 3-hit combo, occurring in 0.76 seconds, makes the Cursed Sword one of the fastest swords players can acquire. It can't crit, but it doesn't have to, either, with an absolutely monstrous base DPS that completely dwarfs the critical DPS stats of even the best weapons in the game.

The problem is that if the player is hit directly even once, they will die instantly. Using a generous shield and freeze effects to block and slow threats can greatly reduce the danger when facing conventional enemies. The only thing that can really protect the player from death while holding the cursed sword is quick reflexes.

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