Magnakilro Legion Hero's Glory Guide (2023)

Hey guys! Magnakilro is here to bring you a guide to yet another achievement mount! We've gained many types of dragons so far... as well as a boar... but now our new companion will be a handsome arcane hippogriff!

Well, one thing to keep in mind: in addition to 2 achievements... EVERY ACHIEVEMENT FOR THIS OBJECTIVE REQUIRES MYTHICAL DIFFICULTY! Heroic is no longer enough.

Also remember that Court of Stars and Arcway are included. These dungeons are mythical only and must be unlocked through a series of quests available at 8000/12000. Honored with Nightfallen.

Now... without further ado... LET'S BEGIN!


Eye of Azhara:

1: But you say he's just a friend: You have to kill Parjesh without any of his melee fighters dying. easy. Use the wheel attachments to lock the spears. These guys ARE vulnerable to some CC like Monk Paralyze or Hunter Wyvern Sting. They have low HP, so be careful with your division.


2: Get Salty – Kill 11 Aggregated Globules with a Witch's Curse, then kill Lady Hatecoil.

She summons them through Beckon Storms. She just let them live until 11 of them are awake. Then have a player take the aggregates with the Witch's Curse debuff. The front cone of the leak debuff should clear them out.


3: Ready to Raid V: Mata a Wrath of Azshara sem ser golpeado por Frost Resonance ou Magic Resonance.

Frost Resonance applies when hit by Massive Deluge, Tidal Wave and Raging Storms. Magical Resonance applies when hit by Mystic Tornado, Arcane Bomb, and Lightning Strike. In other words, you should perfectly dodge ALL mechanics (minus the one skill that requires you to stack to split damage).

-------------------------------------------------- ------

Guardian Vault:

1: I'm Not Even Cold - Kill Ash'golm while the entire party is downed with Homefire.

Fired Up applies when you absorb 5 pools of lava (stay inside to absorb them). Increases fire damage taken by 50%. You must stagger the acquisition of this debuff to ensure everyone safely receives it. Use countermeasures when ads get too crazy.


2: Who's Afraid of the Dark?: Kill Cordana after successfully dodging Creeping Doom with no one holding the light and while Cordana is airborne.

Creeping Doom is when he summons Cordana's wall of invisible ghosts that move in a straight line. When you cast this skill for the first time, you will be floating in mid-air. Light reveals ghost walls, but you can't use it on this Cheev.

Here's what to do: When the fight starts, use the light to keep the blank areas at bay. Throw him on the ground when Creeping Doom arrives (you want him to get out of control before he appears). Hunters Flare and DH Spectral Sight can reveal ghosts. There is also a brief period when they appear where you can see them getting ready. All you have to do is dodge each ghost wall perfectly.


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3: An Illuminated Ghost - Kill all 3 hidden ghosts (Cheev's in-game description is incorrect).

After Cordana dies, someone must turn on the light. Now go back to the room between Glazer and Ash'Golm and look for a hidden guardian spirit. Follow the ghost and it will spawn a ghost of one of the three bosses defeated in this dungeon. Repeat the process until all 3 are defeated.

Each of the ghosts has a "rage" mechanic with a very short timer, so you'll need to eliminate them as quickly as possible.


Blackheart Grove:

1: Egg-cellent: Kill the Hatespawn Abomination, then kill Dresaron.

When you enter Dresaron's arena, look behind him. There will be a bigger purple egg. Run to shock him. Kill the add that appears (you must kill it DURING combat), then kill Dresaron. It's perfectly fine to reduce the plug-in's HP to a low percentage and then steal Dresaron before killing him.


2: Burning down the House: Kill Shade of Xavius ​​while you have 10 stacks of Apocalyptic Empowerment.

This buff increases damage done by Xavius ​​by 5% per stack. The buff can only be accessed with 50% HP remaining. At this point, meteors will rain down onto the battlefield, with empty zones warning of the landing. If Xavius ​​is hit by one, he gains a stack. So he must be hit by 10. Buuuut, there's a problem... the buff only lasts for 10 seconds. So you need to keep your HP low enough to finish him off in 10 seconds before he fills your stacks.

-------------------------------------------------- ---

Hold the Black Tower:

1: You used to write to me in your demon tome - Find all entries in Illysanna Ravencrest's diary. It can be done at any difficulty level.

Very easy. Just complete the dungeon and search the location for a clickable piece of paper (there is a white glowing outline on it).

The only downside: only ONE entry is generated per run. You have to go through this dungeon at least 6 times to get them all.


2: Black Rook Moan - Kill a Frustrated Soul and then Amalgam of Souls.

When Amalgam's HP gets low enough, he'll summon a bunch of Banshee attachments. You should keep one of these supplements in the field for about a minute. That done, the plugin becomes a frustrated soul. Kill him, kill the boss. Bang.


3: Add? More like villains: Kill Illysanna Ravencrest without killing her ads.

No real explanation needed here... tunnel to the boss.


Neltharion's Hideout:

1: Got to Ketchum All: Get a cast of all 7 named snails in the dungeon with the Ketchum tablet. It can be done at any difficulty level.

There are 7 snails hidden in the hideout. You have to beat them all with a ketchum pill. This is cumulative... you can do as many runs as you need.

To get the tablet, head down to Ebonhorn at the start and look to the right to find a mushroom vendor...he has the tablet. go and buy

Location of snails:

1: Scaly: Scaly is on top of a mushroom during the barrel riding part. You have to throw a fish at him to get rid of him. It ends up being taken down the river exactly where you want to go.

2: Sparky - After the barrel ride, go underwater and swim through the small tunnels and find a cave hidden behind the waterfall. Sparky is inside. Sometimes a chest will also appear here. Watch out for Sparky as he leaves Lightning AoE under him when he moves.

3: Slinky - Near the second boss there is a path that leads to the location where the Bat World Quest boss appears. Slinky is well hidden in this area.

4, 5, 6: Turbax, Blaze, and Whipsnap: Anyone who has done Neltharion's Lair has seen these three. These are the snails that run after the second boss. Just make sure you don't kill them with your AoEs.

7: Sticky: After the previous snails, there are waters full of basilisks that you can jump into. Swim to the bottom of the cave and clear the basilisks. Sticky is here on the roof. Just use some kind of skill on him (preferably without killing him) to take him down.


2: I Can't Eat Just One: Kill Naraxas after he gets 6 stacks of Ravenous.

Ravenous is a permanent buff that is applied when the tank is eaten or a drogbar is added. Caution: each stack increases damage by +15% for Naraxis. Reduce them to a low percentage of HP before increasing their stacks.


Halls of Value:

1: Bachelor Party: Kill a Storm Dragon with 10 stacks of Deathblow.

When you reach Fenryr territory... DO NOT draw the Storm Dragon first. Avoid it and start removing it. The objective is to ensure that all 10 neutral deer in the area can be easily hit. NEVER PULL THE DEER!

Once you have a clear path for all 10 deer, go back and pull the Stormdrake. Take it to all the deer. THE DRAGO MUST KILL THE DEER ALONE! DON'T DRAG THE DEER TO SPEE THINGS UP!

Each Killing Blow stack adds +10% HP and DMG to Drake and the buff lasts for 1 minute. Remember if.


2: I have something for you Mead: Water all 4 vrykul kings with a jar of mead.

Make sure no one picks up vials of mead on the way to Hyrja and Fenryr. Once these two are dead, clear the ENTIRE mead hall area. Then have four players drink a cup of mead at about the same time. Each of these players must race toward a vrykul king in Odyn's territory, and you must all throw your mead flasks at the kings at about the same time. Once you're done, Cheev is yours.


3: Protector Surge: Defeat Odyn without his attachments casting Surge.

Odyn has add-ons called Stormforged Obliterators. They cast an interruptible AoE called Surge. Stop whenever it appears. Mata quickly steps in to keep Surge in check.


Soul Jaws:

1: Instant Karma – Mate Ymiron depois de matar 6 Risen Warriors com Defiant Strike.

Ahead of the boss is a crowd of Seacursed Soulkeeper trash. Take out the trash pack without Soul Warden and drag Ymiron. Ymiron will summon the Risen Warriors... all you need to do is have the Soulkeeper kill 6 of them with Defiant Strike.


2: Helheim Has No Anger: Save the captured Val'kyr.

When trapped in Naglfar, a hidden timer will begin to activate with an emotional message that Harbaron is draining a val'kyr's soul. You must get to Harbaron quickly AND kill him before the Val'kyr dies.


3: Poor Unfortunate Souls: Mate Helya enquanto Poor Unfortunate Souls aflige todos.

This achievement can be difficult. To get started, you must first enter Black Rook Hold on Heroic or Mythic difficulty. There is a clickable candle at the start that gives the party a 30 minute bonus. Click on it... make sure everyone gets the buff. You now have 30 minutes to clear the dungeon WITHOUT DIEING. If ANYONE dies... you have to start over.

After killing Dantalionax, his buff becomes a 10 minute buff. You now have 10 minutes to reach the Maw of Souls and kill Ymiron. NO DIE.

When Ymiron is inactive, you now have a 15 minute bonus. You have 15 minutes to reach and kill Harbaron. DO NOT DIE!

With Harbaron gone, you're all poor unhappy souls now (so sad but true). Now you must defeat Helya WITHOUT DIE!

If you die at any time, Black Rook will require you to start over.

Completing this achievement will earn you the Lagan mini-pet... an eel.


Attack in Violet Hold:

1: You're Only Getting Worse!: Defeat Millificent while she's really mad at you.

Just get someone to use the Manastorm Duplicator toy, drag them out and kill them. Keep in mind that at first it will spray the person using the toy quite hard.


2: I made a meal!: Kill Black Bile, then kill Festerface.

Festerface generates black bile when his energy bar is full. His energy gauge decreases when he eats ground malice, so you can't just let him clean the room for you. Once the bile is generated, just use one of the defense things in the dungeon to blow it up. Then kill the boss.



1: Clean House: Kill Corstilax without draining pools of Nightwell Energy.

Just submerge any puddles you make. As simple as that.


2: Arcanic Cling: Kill Ivanyr without taking damage from Charged Bolt.

Charged lightning are the orbs that shoot out of the crystal when Ivanyr casts Unstable Mana. You must dodge ALL bullets perfectly. This Cheev is personal


star cut:

1: Waiting for Gerdo: Disable all sentries after Gerdo gives them a signal, then kill Gerdo.

There are 5 guard posts in the dungeon. They can be clicked to turn them off. You cannot do this right away.

On the way to Gerdo, remove ALL rubbish, ESPECIALLY from guard posts.

After all 5 wards are cleared of junk, drag Gerdo outside. He will cast 'Signal Sentinel' which generates a powerful attachment for every Sentinel active (5 total. Great heals and defenses on the tank here as he is very tough). Kill the ads, then have someone disable all 5 sentries and kill the boss.


Listen: Listen to the conversation between Elisande and Melandrus.

This Cheev CANNOT be made if you do 'Waiting For Gerdo'.

What you have to do:

1: Do not have ONE Guardian or Gerdo activate a sentry post.

2: Disable all wards before dragging Gerdo.

3: Find the Legion Spy on the first try.

4: Take the keys from the spy and stand near the locked door that leads to Melandrus. If you did it right, you'll hear a new conversation between him and Elisande. Hear it all... Cheev is yours.


And there it is! I hope you like your new mount!

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