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The history of the Path of Victory inscarlet and violet pokemonFinish with the classic battle to prove that you are the best of the best. To do this, you need to beat the infamous Elite Four, just like in any previous generation game. As always, this is an ongoing challenge with battles against arguably the toughest trainers in the entire Paldea region. As if that wasn't enough, there are two more fights after four. You need a top team by your side and a lot of loot. These tips to become the undisputed championscarlet pokemonmiPermissionwill also prove crucial.


  • Rika Guide
  • poppy guide
  • guide larry
  • hazelnut guide
  • Guide to the best Geeta champions
  • Nemona Champions Guide

Once you've collected all eight Arena Badges, made it to the Pokémon League, and answered all of the placement quiz questions correctly, you can begin your journey to becoming a champion. Fortunately, you have the ability to heal and reshuffle your team between battles, which is what you need to hold your own against some of those tough trainers.

Supervision:There will be spoilers for the Elite Four, as well as the two champion fights that take place after that, including their identities and Pokémon.

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Rika Guide

After reaching the Pokémon League and passing the placement test, Rika will be the first member of the Elite Four to challenge him. She has a team made up of mostly Ground types, which are naturally weak to Water, Grass, and Ice types. We recommend going with a Strong Water-type as your primary choice here, because as you'll see, Rika also has a Pokemon with Poison moves that are super effective against Grass-types. However, she does have a type of plant ready for a possible counter. Here is Rika's team:

  • Whiscash - Level 57 (Water/Ground Type)
  • Camerupt - Level 57 (Fire/Ground Type)
  • Digtri – Level 57 (Ground Type)
  • Donphan - Level 57 (Ground type)
  • Clodsire – Level 58 (Gift/Boden-Typ with Ground Terra-Typ)

Since Rika's opening Pokémon is water, she starts with the grass-type we mentioned. From there, she switches to Water-Type Touch to clear the rest of the squad of her. Again, switching back to a Grass-type for your Clodsire is better because it absorbs poison moves and the Water ability.

poppy guide

To prepare for your next fight against Poppy, build your team primarily against Steel-types. Steel is mostly countered by Fire, Fighting, and Ground-type Pokemon, but once you look at its build, you'll see that Fire and Ground are your best bets. Fortunately, Poppy's best Pokemon isn't too far off-trend to require a complete overhaul of her team. Here is the competition for the second round:

  • Copperajah - Nivel 58 (Steel Type)
  • Corviknight - Level 58 (Flying/Steel type)
  • Brozong - Level 58 (Steel/Psychic Type)
  • Megnezone - Level 58 (Electric/Steel type)
  • Tinkaton - Level 59 (Fairy/Steel type with Steel-Terra type)

Corvinknight and Brozong are the two main reasons Fighting is not a good fit for this fight, as there isn't much they can do against them. Fire and Ground types can be depleted easily, but make sure they have high enough defense stats to deal with the ultimate Tinkaton, which uses physical moves exclusively.

guide larry

Who would have thought that Larry of all people would reappear as a member of the Elite Four? Regardless, this fight won't be like the first. Instead of being limited to regular types, Larry has a powerful team of flying Pokémon. Flying is mostly weak against Electric, Fire, Rock, and Dragon-types, but you need a combination here for a few reasons. Let's check your equipment first:

  • Tropius – Level 59 (Grass/Flying-type)
  • Staraptor - Level 59 (Normal/Flying Type)
  • Altar – Level 59 (Dragon/Flying Type)
  • Oricorio - Level 59 (Electric/Flying type)
  • Flamigo – Level 60 (flying/fighting type with flying ground form)

As you can see, all of Larry's Pokémon are a mix of Flying and another type, which complicates things a bit. You must use a Fire type to counter his Tropius, Electric against Staraptor and Flamigo, Rock to deal with his Oricorio, and Dragon to defeat his Altaria. Another good final tip is that Flamigo, which only uses physical attacks, is easily beaten if you have a Pokemon with the counter.

hazelnut guide

If you've been a good trainer and taken courses, you'll recognize Hassel as an art teacher at the academy. In addition to art, he is willing to teach you a lesson in pain, so you better prepare yourself. Hassel's Pokemon are Dragon-types, which is tough since they are weak to Dragon, Ice, and Fairy-types. However, Fee isn't the best option here, which limits his team's options. This is what Hassel throws at you:

  • Noivern – Level 60 (Flying/Dragon Type)
  • Dragalgae - Level 60 (Poison/Dragon Type)
  • Haxorus - Level 60 (Dragon Type)
  • Flaapple - Level 60 (Grass/Dragon Type)
  • Baxcalibur – Level 61 (Dragon/Ice Type with Earth Dragon Form)

As you can see, Dragalge's poison moves make using Fairy-types against Hassel a bad idea, but what you can't see is that Haxorus also has some steel moves that counter Fairy. You can certainly use Fairy against your other members, but a good Ice-type is a solid option for the rest of your team. If you have one, a Gyarados can use Dragon- and Ice-type attacks, making it an easy option, but not against Dragalage since it has the Thunder Clap attack.

Guide to the best Geeta champions

Things got rough towards the end of Elite Four, but Champion Geeta's team is even worse for you, as he doesn't stick to any theme for his team. She has compiled a list of all Pokemon types, which means that in most types you will need a lot of high level Pokemon to fight them. Let's look at the competition:

  • Espathra – Level 61 (Flying/Dragon-type)
  • Avalugg - Nivel 61 (Eis-Typ)
  • Kingambit - Level 61 (Dark Type/Steel)
  • Veluza - Level 61 (Water/Psychic Type)
  • Gogoat - Nivel 61 (Grastyp)
  • Glimmora – Level 62 (Stone/Poison Type with Rock-Earth Form)

When you build your team, try your best to use Pokémon of only one type. The two Pokemon here that you need to pay the most attention to are Kingambit and Glimmora. Kingabit is weak against Fighting-types, but you need one with very high Speed ​​to counter its Zen Headbutt move. Glimmora will start out as Rock, which isn't bad for another combat type, Grass or Ground, but Terra Form makes it a pure Rock-type, so keep it easy and run a Grass-type.

Otherwise, take a Bug for Espathra and Veluza, Fighting for Avalugg, and Flying for Gogoat.

Nemona Champions Guide

Defeating the champion is never the end, is it? You should always have a final and dramatic fight with your rival. In this case, it's Nemona, and she doesn't mince words in this final fight. You may already know some of his squad members who have battled them multiple times, but this is the most powerful Pokemon he's ever owned. This is the last hurdle to become league champion:

  • Lycancroc - Level 65 (Fel Type)
  • Orthworm - Nivel 65 (Steel Type)
  • Goodra - Level 65 (Dragon Type)
  • Pawmot - Level 65 (Electric/Fighting type)
  • Dudunsparce - Level 65 (Normal Type)
  • (Whatever initiator is in front of yours) - Level 66 (Grass/Dark, Fire/Ghost, or Water/Fighting with Grass, Fire, or Water Terra type)

Luckily, Nemona's team is mostly one type, so you can plan some good counters for her. Most of her team is weak to Ground and Fighting types. For example, Lycancroc, Orthworm, and Dudunsparce all share a weakness in combat, but Orthworm can also be taken down by ground and fire. Steel can also deal with Lycancroc, but it's better for Goodra. If she doesn't have a reliable Steel-type, Ice works here too. If you want to be fancy and make the final conflict more exciting, and why not, save your launcher in your terraform to battle Nemona's final Pokémon.

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