Respond to the ping on the Internet port: validate or not? (2023)

Respond to the ping on the Internet portAdjustments require proper review and knowledge. This post clarifies ping issues and whether you should allow your system to respond to pings on an Internet port.

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This post is intended for both technical and non-technical readers because your security is at stake here.


  • Should I allow the ping reply on the internet port?
  • How to disable ping response in internet port settings?
  • Can I disable ping responses on my PC?
    • - Windows Firewall
    • - Firewall Free ZoneAlarm
  • What is the meaning of ping and its use?
  • Your Network Leak: How Does It Happen?
  • How do I ping an IP address?
    • – Step 1: Launch the command line interface
    • – Step 2: Enter the ping command
    • – Step 3: Analyze the results
  • Why should I ignore internet port ping packets?
  • Are ping packets useful?
    • - Checking for connection problems
    • – Evaluation of network problems
  • Conclution

Should I allow the ping reply on the internet port?

you must not NoAllow ping responses on an Internet port unless you are having Internet problems and want to troubleshoot your modem or router. In general, enabling "WAN port reply PIN" exposes your system to various risks.

If you check the Respond to Internet Port Ping box on your router's Wide Area Network (WAN) screen,Allow anyone on the external network to ping the WAN IP address.

This makes it easier for hackers to find and consequently attack your network. Many hackers use ping to find and break into devices that live on the Internet. While disabling the WAN ping response doesn't make it completely invisible, it does cause you to miss a random check.

Also, there is no benefit to enabling ping on your Internet port. Thisjust expose your routerand its assigned IP address responds to a ping from outside the network. Therefore, disabling this feature is an excellent idea unless your network is experiencing problems.

Usually the question above goes hand in hand with "Should I disable port scanning and DOS protection?" Of course, in order to protect your computer from gaming, you need to disable it.

How to disable ping response in internet port settings?

To disable the ping response in the Internet port settings, connect your wired or wireless router, open a web browser, and enter the IP address of the router. For example, for TP-Link wireless router, you can enter bothhttp://

The procedure to disable the WAN port ping response varies depending on the type of router. How to disable tp-link LAN ping response:

  1. Go to the Advanced tab and select Security. In the options select Configuration and look for the option that says Ignore ping packet from WAN port orDisable Internet PING. Check the box to change the settings.
  2. Click the Save button to apply the settings.

You will need to refer to your router manual to access router settings andCheck firewall settings. While some routers have simple settings to block WAN ping, others have a complicated procedure.

Can I disable ping responses on my PC?

Yes. You can disable ping replies for your computeron a network such as public Wi-Fi. You may be able to achieve this through third-party firewall software or Windows settings. If you select your network location as Home in Windows, the ping will be allowed while the public network will block the ping.

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Here are important methods you can use:

- Windows Firewall

How to use Windows Firewall to disable ping responses.

  1. Press the Windows key and type Windows Firewall and click on the app
  2. Scroll down to the Advanced Settings link. This option is in the right pane.
  3. In the left panel, click Inbound Rules.
  4. On the far right is a menu bar called Action; Right below, click New Rule to open a popup window.
  5. Click the Customize option and select Next
  6. Select the All Programs option and click Next
  7. In the left pane, click the Protocol and Ports link, click the protocol typesuspense menu, select ICMPv4 and click Next.
  8. Select the Any IP address option and click Next.
  9. To also block ping when connected to a home network, select the Block connection option and click Next. Leave all profiles checked.
  10. Click Next and give the new rule a name. You can give it any name, for example, "Block ping" and click "Finish".

This newly created firewall rule will take effect immediately, even without restarting the computer. The above Windows Firewall rule is the network location rule.

- Firewall Free ZoneAlarm

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is third-party software that allows you to disable ping responses.This software has only two zones: public and trusted.

Zones are automatically selected based on the network location profile in Windows. For example, if you have selected your home network as the network location for a wireless connection, ZoneAlarm will automatically trust the zone.

If your PC responds to ping requests, you can disable ping responses by changing the zone from Trusted to Public ZoneAlarm. Follow these steps:

Open ZoneAlarm > FIREWALL tab > Show Zonesfor basic firewall. Select the network you are connected to and click the Edit button. Click the Zone dropdown menu and select Public.

What is the meaning of ping and its use?

Ping (Inter-Network Groper/Packet Internet) is an Internet program that allows users to test whether a specific destination IP (Internet Protocol) address exists and accept requests on a computer network management.

so normallyping is a command prompt commandIt is used to test a connection between one computer and another.

DieThe term ping is sonar terminology., that is, an audible sound wave from an object, that is, H. the sound of a reflected sonar pulse. Normally, when an ICMP packet is received, the device sends out an ICMP response, much like a sonar ping bounces off a submarine.

Your Network Leak: How Does It Happen?

Ping transmits Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo requests to your network. By default, theThe ping command sends four requests on Windows unless changed. Because ICMP packets are so small, they impose negligible overhead on the Internet infrastructure.

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The number of responses returned and the time taken for the round trip provide important information such as:

  • Approximate round trip time (in milliseconds)
  • Packets sent, received and lost
  • Bytes sent and received

Since ping verifies connectivity at the IP level with a second TCP/IP device, it can be started multiple times to test consistency.

How do I ping an IP address?

CanPing an IP address with native ping softwarewhich is run from the command line. However, the functionality of the ping tools built into the operating system is obviously limited to ping itself. This means that it cannot offer any network monitoring or management tasks.

But network administrators who want to manage ephemeral ping need to know how to use the utility. Here is the procedure:

– Step 1: Launch the command line interface

To start command line interfaces on different operating systems:

  • Ventana:Press the Win key and type cmd to start the command prompt.
  • Mac:Open Terminal from the Utility folder in Applications.
  • Linux:Launch Terminal from the Applications menu, usually located in the Accessories folder.
  • Ubuntu:Launch the terminal using the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + T.

– Step 2: Enter the ping command

The ping command can take the form ping [insert hostname] or ping [insert IP address].

Mac OS X users have an alternative method:start network utilityand then navigate to the Ping tab. From here they can enter their desired IP address or hostname and set the number of pings they want to send.

Most programs work fine with four pings - the number allows for a representative average latency.

– Step 3: Analyze the results

After typing the command, just press Enter on your keyboard. The output is easy to parse:

Diefirst line repeats the command, ping a defined host. The following lines list the responses for each individual ping.

It includes response time (latency), packet size (in bytes), and hop limit or time to live (TTL), which refers to the number of routers a packet can pass through before it is dropped by the network. .

Below these lines, the program displays ping statistics: the number of packets sent (received and lost) and the round-trip ping times (minimum, maximum and average).

The ping results will help you understand several things. For example, if the result is no data loss, trust that your connection is secure and that the IP address is online.

Why should I ignore internet port ping packets?

You mustIgnore internet port ping packetsBecause although ICMP packets are very small, they are important to hackers.

Because of this, preventing your router from responding to pings or other unsolicited messages encourages any hacker to assume there's no evidence tied to your address.

Other reasons to ignore ping responses are:

  • This can overload your CPU:If your system receives a lot of ping requests, it can overload your system's CPU. that makes themCPU too busy to handlecommon requests and can block the network.
  • Damage network security:Although ping is used for internet testing, malicious people can use it to break network security. This happens when a large number of ping packets are sent over a network in a short period of time.

Are ping packets useful?

Yes, ping packets are quite a ping is a diagnostic tool used to ensure that a host PC that the user is trying to access is working. Any network-capable operating system, including built-in network management software, uses ping.

These are the benefits of ping:

- Checking for connection problems

You can use ping to troubleshoot connectivity. Ping is often used for this.Check the connection between two devices. So you can see whether a device is online or offline based on the test results.

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Also ping commands canhelp identify the source of the errorif you have problems with an application hosted on a server on a network. A faster response time means that your connection is fine, so the problem could be with the server.

– Evaluation of network problems

Almost every device connected to the network responds to a ping, which makes checking network connections incredibly valuable. CanUse ping to test serversor routers for performance and speed. Also, you can ping different addresses to find any connected device within a specified range.

You can still ping the names and addresses of the computers; For example, if you can ping IP addresses but not a PC name, the problem may be with name resolution.


Which way to go: respond to the ping on the Internet port enabled or disabled?

Check out our summary:

  • You do not need to respond to WAN ping responses unless you are troubleshooting a network or connectivity issue.
  • Responding to ping requests can leave your system vulnerable to hackers who can use your network and devices to their advantage.
  • The ping is important in determining the availability status of all devices, the percentage of data packet loss, and the latency rate of network requests.
  • You can disable ping responses using Windows Firewall or third-party applications

We hope you have a complete answer to the question; Should I disable WAN port ping? I hope you can handle all the issues related to internet port ping responses without errors.



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